Electric bike tour en Buenos Aires, from a traveler perspective

Descubrir Buenos Aires en bici electrica
Paseo en Bici electrica en Buenos Aires, desde la perspectiva del viajero
Best way to discover BA - A traveler insights

Bike N Wander (BNW) tour guides met us on-time at the gathering spot. Our tour guide Maria was immediately friendly, and got us setup on the bikes. 

The ebikes --- if you can ride a bike, you can ride an eBike. Still, not all ebikes are the same. BNW's bikes were well maintained. I liked their lower profile, which meant I didn't need to lift my leg over a high bar to get on the bike. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but my legs were sore from running the BA marathon the previous day! I think BNW's bikes are really accessible. Ebikes are awesome because you're riding a bike but have a quiet turbo energy boost that helps you throughout the ride. 

The tour --- we were outfitted with a receiver and single ear headphone. Through this small device, we could hear Maria narrate the history of the sites while biking on sometimes loud streets. What was great about this is that we didn't have to stop every minute to hear, for example, the background of a neighborhood before we got there, or the architectural style of a building we were passing by. We did the soul of the city tour that took us to many of the popular tourist destinations in BA. We learned alot about the unique history of the area and the story behind beautiful BA. The eBike format of the tour allowed us to cover alot of ground in a short time. 

BA's Bike Lanes ---- there is alot of construction in BA and the bike lanes suffer in some spots as a result. Still, how cool is it that the city is full of bike lanes?!! Maria knew her way around these bike paths and I always felt confident in her leadership. Participants should know that there are times when some road riding skill is helpful. I was glad that we were provided with sturdy and fashionable helmets. 

Other stuff ---- BNW provided a snack in our bike baskets (banana, bar, water), that was good. We had eaten a full breakfast before the tour and I would recommend other do the same. English speakers will have no trouble on this tour, as Maria's English was perfect. 

I highly recommend BNW's eBike tour. To see the original review click at this link

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