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Sustentabilidad y bicicletas electricas cuando viajamos
El mundo de las bicis electricas, Una experiencia alternativa para que todos disfruten el paisaje sin esfuerzo.
Electric Bikes touring Buenos Aires

When you embark on the journey towards your dream, not everything is simple. While pedaling, you also find people who share your vision and your dream. That gives you extra energy, like electric bikes! And you connect with the same enthusiasm of this shared dream.

Thank you very much for the contribution Bicicletas Electricas Club who promotes the use of the electric bike and the different proposals in relation to the electric bikes, as an alternative to get to places in a sustainable way and even much more inclusive than its predecessor, the common bike.

 Here you can see the note they made about us and more information about everything related to this incredible experience. The beginning of a trip without return. Pedaling when you feel like. Forgetting the destination and easily getting to all the sites without worrying about being delayed by traffic jams.



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